Recipe Settings

The recipe settings tab contains the editor to create the semantic structure Sensei will search for when applying recipes.

The tab is divided into two main panels. On the left, the semantic structure is created (also referred to as the 'search'), with at the top a link to test the recipe. On the right, a preview is displayed. Code that matches this recipe's settings will be highlighted. Note that the previewed file is the file that was focused on the moment that the recipe editor was opened.


Test recipe

Above the search configuration, there is a link to test the recipe. Clicking this will prompt for an inspection scope, and when continuing, this will save and close the recipe editing and perform an inspection using only this recipe. The results will be shown in the same way as performing a normal inspection with IntelliJ. Note that depending on the IntelliJ version, if no results are found, this may be indicated with a small temporary balloon notification that will disappear automatically.