Installing Sensei

This guide will go through the steps to install and authenticate your Sensei installation. Note that a nightly build version is also available, see Sensei alpha version.

Install Direct from Marketplace

You can install direct from the JetBrains marketplace by clicking the button below.


Downloading and Installing

Since Sensei gets distributed through the JetBrains marketplace, there is no need to leave your IDE to install the tool. It can be installed by going to the IDE plugin settings.

Find Sensei in the list of plugins and hit the install button

Open the IDE settings and navigate to the 'plugins' section. This can be opened from the menu bar:

  • macOS: IntelliJ IDEA | Preferences | Plugins

  • Windows and Linux: File | Settings | Plugins


Search for Sensei and hit the install button


Restart after IntelliJ finished the download

Wait until IntelliJ has finished the download and installation. Afterwards, IntelliJ is going to prompt you to restart your IDE.


Optional authentication

After the restart of IntelliJ, Sensei will be ready for use. If you are using an Enterprise version of Sensei then authenticate the plugin to use the organization features like centrally controlled Remote Cookbooks.

Authenticating in the settings menu

Find the Sensei entry in the IDE settings.


At the top there is the account section where the authentication process can be started using the Authenticate in Browser button.

Inside the browser, a website will be loaded that takes you to our login page. Provide your authentication credentials or register a new account to sign in.


If your company is using SSO, you will be redirected to your internal authentication provider after providing your email address.


Once you've authenticated yourself, you will receive the message that you have been successfully authenticated, and that you may close the browser window.


Back in the IDE, you may want to press the Refresh now button or wait until a refresh happens automatically.


Sensei will then complete the registration and load the cookbook configurations and recipes that are configured in the organized to which the account belongs to, if applicable.

Your Sensei installation is now authenticated and the organization cookbooks should have been loaded.