What to do when receiving an invalid license?

This document will describe the steps to diagnose and resolve issues regarding the invalid license warnings.

Diagnose the problem and solve the problem

#. Navigate to portal.securecodewarrior.com and login with your credentials. Next, click on the Sensei tab and choose to download the solution for your IDE. You should receive a custom repository URL.

If you cannot log in or cannot find the Sensei tab in the navigation bar, then this could mean that your company or team isn't licensed to use Sensei. To resolve this issue, contact our technical support team at support@securecodewarrior.com.

#. Once you've obtained your custom repository. Copy this URL and open your IDE. Open your plugin settings and edit the repositories. Next, remove all the existing repositories that have securecodewarrior in them and add the one you've copied. Restart your IDE and check if you've received a valid license.

If you did not receive a valid license, go to Tools | Sensei | About, click on view logs and send the latest log file to our technical support team at support@securecodewarrior.com.