General SettingsΒΆ

The general settings tab shows recipe metadata that are stored as part of the recipe.



The name/title of the recipe. There is no restriction on the characters that can be used.

Short description

The description that is shown as tooltip on elements marked by this recipe.


The severity level of the marking. The options are: info, warning, error, marked_information and compliant.

  • compliant recipes are never visibly marked in the IDE. They are meant to search for "good code", and it is meant to track compliant code usage if metrics are enabled.

  • marked_information is like information, but slightly more visible (blue underlining instead of light grey)

Only mark on new code

If checked, markings will only be added to new code. Code is considered to be new based on the status in the code versioning tool used in the project.


If checked, the recipe is enabled and will add markings to the code.


Allows linking the recipe to a category and subcategory as defined by the Secure Code Warrior taxonomy. By setting these values, an additional quick fix option will be added that, when chosen, will open a browser to the Secure Code Warrio platform to get gamified training on the selected category.

CWE Category

The Mitre Common Weakness Enumeration identifier related to the weakness addressed by this recipe.


The identifier for the recipe. This field is free-form but should be unique. When a duplicate identifier is present in a cookbook, this results in only first recipe being applied.

Overriding recipe

The identifier of the recipe that is overridden by this recipe. The overridden recipe will not add markings if this recipe's scope matches.

Disabled recipes

Identifiers of recipes that become deisabled when this recipe is enabled.

Description file

Relative location of the HTML description file. In the case of legacy recipes, the files are assumed to be in a folder called "descriptions" in the same folder as the cookbook.


Freeform comment to include additional information.


List of tags. Insert ; or press enter to save a tag when editing this field.


Scope constraints for this recipe. The recipe will only be applied if all scope constraints are satisfied.